St. Clare's Convent, Chemmanampathy

Place : Chemmanampathy
Established Year: 1996
Address: Clare Garden, Govindapuram P. O, Muthalamada, Chemmanampathy.
Pin: 678507
Phone: 0492 3277370

Chemmanampathy is a small village in the border between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Most of the people here are very poor,uneducated and uncivilized. Both Tamilians and Malayalees are residing here. The climate here is fit for coconut and other fruit trees especially Mangoes. St.Clare's Convent is established here on 11th March 1996 as the substitute for St.Clare's Convent, Vadakkumthara, which was closed earlier. The sisters at Chemmanampathy are engaged in different activities like house visiting, Catechism, assisiting in the liturgical activities of the parish Church etc.

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