Milestones of the Province

14th Dec.1888 : The origin of F.C.C.
26th July 1910 : F.C.C. in Archdiocese of Thrissur.
22nd Feb. 1961 : Sr.Adolphus,the first Missionary is gone todo the mission work 

 in  Bareilly along with FCC sisters in Thrichur Province.
19th March1964:  The inauguration of first convent , St.Peters F.C.Convent, 

 Mangalam Dam Palakkad in the undivided Trichur Province.
23rd Aug.1964 :  The institution of  Lourde Matha High School at Mangalam Dam.
14th June 1966:             The Institution of the first convent St.George F.C.Convent, Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu.
20th June 1966 :              The institution of the Alvernia Matriculation School, Coimbatore.
1st Feb.1969 :           The institution of the Mary Rani Primary School, Gandhipuram.
10th Oct.1970:      The Unification of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation in Kerala. 

 The first Mother General was Rev.Mother Maurus.
1st  March 1973:              F.C.C was raised to the Pontifical Position.
31st March1973:           The institution of St.Thomas Old Age Home at St.George F.C. Convent Coimbatore.
10th June 1974 :         The institution of the Christhu Jyothi Matriculation School, Erode.
8th Sep.1974:              The Inauguration of the Diocese of Palakkad and the Enthronement of Mar Joseph Irimpen, the first Bishop of the Diocese.
1st June 1979:       The Institution of the  San Jose Matriculation  School, Mettupalayam.
4th Oct.1979 :     The inauguration of Seraphic Region Palakkad. Rev.Mother Jane 
                           Frances was appointed as the Regional Superior.
1970-1980 :       Rev.Mother Maurus, the Mother General in the dividing period of the  undivided Thrichur F.C.C.
3rd Feb.1980 :    The Seraphic Region Palakkad was raised as the Seraphic Vice  
                             Province.Rev.Mother Jane Frances was appointed as the Vice 
                             Provincial the Seraphic Convent Palakkad was the Vice  Provincial House. 
25th March1980 : The inauguration of Christhu Jyothi Hospital, Erode.
21st August 1980: The inauguration of St.Joseph Hospital, Mangalam Dam.
1st Sep.1980:       The Institution of Chandramala Estate L.P.School, Nelliampathy.
4th Oct.1980 :      The institution of KVMUP School, Polpully.
1st Dec.1980 :       The first batch Novitiate of Seraphic  Vice Province began at
                             Seraphic Vice Provincial House, Palakkad.
4th Oct.1982 :          The institution of St.Antony's Matriculation School, Karur.
5th June1984:     The institution of Annai Mary Nursery and Primary School, Erode.
5th Aug.1984:  The Assisi Bhavan, a house for the physically handicapped children at Erode.
10th June1985 :   The institution of Vimala Matriculation School, Chennimalai.
16th Feb.1986:  The Institution of the Seraphic Province, Palakkad.
9th Dec.1988   : Centenary celebration of FCC in Seraphic Province.
6th June1990: The Inauguration of Clare Bhavan BalaBhavan , Karamadai.
1st July1991 :     The inauguration of the St.Marys BalaBhavan, Nelliampathy.
28th July1991 :  The institution of St.Pauls English Medium School, Pattambi.
4th June1993:  The institution of Infant Jesus Matriculation School, Palladam.
10th May 1994:   F.C.C. Sisters in Germany.
2nd June 1995 :  The institution of Mercy Matriculation School, Kangayam.
1st Feb.1997:  The enthronement of Mar Jacob Manathodath as the 2nd Bishop of Palakkad Diocese.
19th March 1997 :   Karunai Illam, a house for the Akasaparavakal was instituted  at Karamadai.
23rd Aug. 1997:  The demise of Mar Joseph Irimpen, the first Bishop of Palakkad Diocese.
15th Oct.1997 :  The Commencement of Anto Bhavan, Manavady, Special 
                            education School for the Mentally Retarded
17th Sep.2000 :  Missionaries of Seraphic province  were formed as Bareilly Mission 
                        Region named San Francisco Region.
6th Oct.2001 : Anugraha Bhavan a home for the Physically and Mentally 
                        handicapped children at Chittady.
1st June 2004 :  The institution of St.Joseph English Medium School, Ottapalam.
13th ,14th&15th Jan.2005 : The silver Jubilee Celebration of Seraphic Province, Palakkad.
9th Aug.2008:  The demise of the Bishop Mar Hippolytus OFMCap.the one who did 
                        a laborious task for the Unification of FCC in Kerala.
12th Oct.2008 : Canonization of Bl.Alphonsa. Rev.Sr.Chriset( the Provincial 
                          Superior), Rev.Sr.Brenda( the assistant Provincial) and the sisters  
                           who work abroad participated in the programmes administered in Rome.
1st July 2009: The inauguration of Shalom Nursery and Primary Convent School,Salem.
18th Jan.2010 : The Eparchy of Palakkad was bifurcated and the new Eparchy of 
                          Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu elected.
26th April-5th May 2010 : Cetenary Celebrations of Undivided Thrissur Province.
13th Aug.2010:  Lourde Matha High School, Mangalam Dam was upgraded as Higher Secondary School.
17th Feb.2011 : Bareilly San Francisco Region was raised as San Francisco Province, Bareilly.
30th Sep.2012 : F.C.C. Sisters of Seraphic Province, Palakkad were sent to Malawi,  Central Africa for doing Mission work.
26th Nov. 2012;
6th Dec.2012 :     Blessing of the new Convent Assisi Nilayam in Trithwamala, Attappady.
29th&30th Nov.2013   Post Centennial silver Jubilee celebration of  FCC in Seraphic Province, Palakkad.
30th April, 2014 : Blessing of an institution for the destitute women (Akasaparavakal) in  Thrithwamala, Attappady. 


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