Social Service

Home for the physically handicapped girls

We started an institution for the development and betterment of the poor and handicapped girls on 5th Aug. 1984, which named as "Assisi Bhavan". This institution started as adjoining at Erode Christhu Jyothi Convent. This institution stands as the center for 30 girls those who are intelligent but handicapped. They can stay and study comfortably here. All the expenses of the education, dress and food for these girls are given by Christhu Jyothi convent School and hostel and here they have also a tailoring centre for the coaching of poor women.

Free Boarding for the Poor Children

With the vision of the education of the poor girls in and around Karamadai our Superiors decided to start a free boarding hostel as a part of Good Shepherd Convent which is named as "Clare Bhavan." The blessing ceremony of this institution was on 6th June 1990. Here, we have facilities for forty poor girls, and they are studying in various schools in and around Karamadai. 

St.Mary's Balabhavan at Nelliampathy started on 16th July 1992, for the education and development of the children of Tribals and tea workers. Today this home is taking care for such children and meeting their needs and educational purposes.

Old age home

In order to keep the heritage of our founding mothers, we started an Old age Home named as "St.Thomas home for the aged." The blessing ceremony of the home was on 1973, and this home stands as refuge for old ladies, those who are forsaken by their children and relatives. More than 50 members are staying there.

Home for the abandoned women

As a result of the attempt to achieve the aim of caring for the poor and abandoned women, we started a home which is named as "Karunai Illam". Karunai Illam started on 19th March 1999 with the aim to protect the women those who are mentally sick, wandering in the streets, orphaned by their children, helpless women, child beggers etc, are the members of this home. 

With the vision to protect the women those who are helpless and mental patients, we started a home at Attappady hills, on 1st May 2014. This house is named as "Assisi Nilayam." This home is sufficient to protect 50 members and 5 sisters are serving them cheerfully.

Care for the mentally, Physically challenged bed ridden children.

On 6th Oct. 2001 we started a charitable institution for the caring of mentally and physically handicapped bed ridden children. This institution is named as "Anugraha Bhavan." These children are not able to respond to any signs and they are physically and mentally handicapped ones. Our sisters are taking care of them as we are looking after 25 little angels.

Health Education Centre

The health education centre at Karamadai was instituted on 1977. The aim of this Centre is to empower and to make efficient the backward women from poor backgrounds. The develppement programmes of this centre is spread over 200 villages, in17 Panchayaths of Mettupalayam, Karamadai, Periyanakkampalayam at Coimbatore District. The branch of this social centre started on 2005 at Valparai for the betterment and empowerment of tea estate workers. 

GSHEC is working for 35 years to empower the women, to educate tribals, to give awareness to the mothers about health and hygene, to grow the savings of the family, and for the development and security of the families etc.,with all these aim GSHEC is doing a tireless work for the marginalized people.

Women's welfare and empowerment programme

Village development programme

We are conducting several programme for the development of villages with the help of German Govt. and Calcuban foundation. And also as a part of this community structure, health and sanitation, income generation programme, Agri development, infra structure development etc, are doing with the help of 30 staff members around the village.

Computer & Tailoring Class

For women to get their own job and income we started computer courses and tailoring Classes. 250 students are finished tailoring course and 110 students completed their computer courses from here.

Ready Made Garment Unit

The readymade garment unit, here is an opportunity of job, for the women those who are jobless. In the readymade garment unit there are 5 women and 5 men are working. According to the order of the Schools and from Erode Company etc. they are  stiching  school uniforms in this unit. It is an opportunity to earn livelihood for poor families.

Creche-Central Govt. Programme

Under the scheme of Central Govt. we running a creche at Thottipalayam village.  children are at the age of 3 years of old are attending the creche. It is benefit for the women those who are going for daily wages work. 

Vocational Training for Adolescent girls-Irish Embassy Project

Computer Education Programme

To make the job oppurtunities for village women here we are running a computer centre with the help of Irish Embassy. It is a recognized computer course with the affiliation of C-School at Coimbatore. In this centre we have 14 computers, a lab and theory class. several students are getting practice for computer education. 

Tailoring Training 

According to get income for women, we are giving practice for tailoring in 3 sessions at Good Shephered health education Centre-480 With the help of Irish Embassy-30 By the help of Tamil Nadu women development Project-60.

Book Binding Centre

As a chance for making the job for the people at Kumarapuram village we started a book binding press on sep14th 1985. The note books which are binded by this unit are taken by our several schools in Tamil Nadu.

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