Anugraha Bhavan, Chittady

Place : Chittady
Parish: Chittady
Established Year: 2001
Address: Anugraha Bhavan, Chittady P.O, Palakkad, Kerala - 678 706
Pin: 678 706
Phone: 0492-2207322

In Chittadi near Mangalam Dam, there was a parallel college under Bethlehem Convent, in order to help the girls in the locality for higher studies. After 9 years because of the scarcity of the students, the parallel College was stopped. Then as a different step, the idea of looking after the physically and mentally handicapped, bedridden children was decided. Home for the special children started functioning on 6th Oct. 2001 in the building were the parallel college was functioning. This charitable institution was given the name 'Anugraha Bhavan' and was managed by the sisters of Bethlehem convent. In order to make the working Anugraha Bhavan more convenient and efficient a new convent with the same name was established on 19th Jan.2008. The sisters here have a time table suitable for the smooth running of this institution. They find satisfaction in serving these children in inspite of all difficulties. The institution is approved by the Kerala Government and getting aid also. 7 sisters are at their service.

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